Recipes for the week

Joe’s pick of the week.

Made a new chicken dish this week from Bon Appetit. Will let everyone know how it turns out.


This was really good! Everyone loved it. Marinated overnight. The coconut milk is a nice touch that helps mellow out the spiciness. I was able to cook a good size batch and use it throughout the week on a couple of different dishes.

I made cauliflower fried rice today for the first time in almost 2 years. Hesitate to make it sine it is a bit of work to breakdown and grate the cauliflower but it is well worth it when it is done. Tastes great and it is a much healthier alternative to white rice. You just feel much better after eating this since you are not getting slammed with a ton of carbs.

I used a cheese grated to grate the cauliflower instead of a food processor since I did not want to bring out the machine and clean all of its parts when done. Did not take too long to grate by hand. I strongly suggest using a box grater as my flat grater was not ideal.

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I’ve been making variations of this for the past week to hit my macros for each of my meals. For the chicken, i pan sear it and then bake it. I just love chickpeas and sweet potatoes

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I stumbled across this recipe last week from our Tastemade buddy Guy Turland of Bondi Harvest. I like it because it is so damn simple. I don’t eat a ton of pasta and if I do I try to eat it earlier in the day for lunch and not dinner since the carbs make me sleepy. I may try this with gluten free pasta.

Here is the youtube video.

I like the pan sear and then bake trick. I use cast iron skillets pretty much everyday so I can sear and then just throw them in the oven to have them cook through.

I like how simple this Chicken Curry recipe from Real Simple is but may try it with some modifications to make it more healthy and less heavy. Total prep and cook time is only 35 min since you use a store bought rotisserie chicken.

Modifications I would make to remove the dairy:

  • Swap plain yogurt for coconut yogurt or almond yogurt. Oatly now has their own yogurt called oatgurt that may also work.
  • Find alternative to heavy cream - looks like many vegan recipes use coconut cream.

Was looking for some plant based smoothie inspiration and found this great video from Pick Up Limes. All of these look really good and they are simple with just a few ingredients. I will probably add a little plant based protein powder to get a bit more protein.

Made this last night with angel hair pasta since I did not have spaghetti and it turned out great. Really simple to make. The sauce is very light with just enough fat from the olive oil in it. I may finish with a squeeze of lemon. Ext time to brighten it up a bit but tasted great as is. I can see why a thicker noodle would be better than angel hair though.

Been looking for a good turkey burger recipe to try and found this one. I like the use of portobello mushrooms and sweet onions to add more flavor