Welcome to the DayJ Community!

We created DayJ to help everyone get the resources, tools, coaching and community support needed to live a healthy life. Right now only a select few are able to have their own dedicated health and wellness team but the truth is we all need a team. We are on a mission to make this possible.

We don’t believe in shortcuts, fads or quick fixes. Healthy living starts with healthy habits done consistently, one step at a time, one day at a time. We know healthy is hard but we believe everyone can be successful with the right education and support from coaches and friends.

DayJ is for anyone who wants to make positive, long term changes to their lifestyle. Whether you are a nutrition and fitness expert or just getting started this is a place for us all to help each other.

At DayJ you will get daily nutrition, fitness and mindfulness recommendations from experts and friends in the form of daily plans. We provide a way for you to track your health data, measure your progress and get the support you need day in and day out to keep going when things get hard. We are excited to see you share your progress and achievements to inspire others.

Thank you for being part of this journey, we are grateful you are here! :pray: